Baby Bonding 101 and how to share more loving moments as a family

It’s hard to come up with an adjective that describes the feeling of holding your baby for the first time, even if you’ve already imagined sniffing their toes and making them giggle during for the first time on a 3D or 4D ultrasound. The moment your baby is in your arms, your motherly instincts kick in. 

All you want to do is to bond with them and luckily, there are many ways to do it! At the heart of it all, it’s about reacting and responding to their cues with an extra layer of love and sensitivity.

What are the different ways to bond with the baby?

Touch, hearing, and smell are the first senses that newborns develop. These help them make sense of the new, unfamiliar world around them. As you do activities that stimulate these senses, you are forming a strong bond with your newborn.

The magic of touch

Touch is one of the first forms of communication with your baby. While in the womb, gentle strokes and hugs comfort them. You can observe this by caressing your belly during a baby ultrasound. They’ll calm down, and you’ll enjoy a wonderful baby imaging experience!

For newborns, aside from cuddling and swaddling, skin-to-skin contact or “kangaroo” is also encouraged. You can do this by laying your baby on your bare chest and covering yourself with a warm blanket. It helps your baby relax, regulate their breathing and heart rate. It also strengthens their immunity to infection, among others.

They love your voice

We encourage you to talk during a 3D or 4D scan for your baby because, just like touch, hearing is developed during pregnancy. So don’t be surprised when you find your baby looking at you as if they understand you when you’re talking.

Your baby finds your voice familiar, and they’re drawn to it. It makes singing and reading stories together excellent bonding activities. Be wary of loud noises. They can easily be startled because of their well-developed hearing.

I love your smell, mom!

Babies have a good sense of smell. From Day 1, they are already familiar with your scent. Studies suggest that they can smell you from two feet away. Their sense of smell is so strong, they can even differentiate breast milk from formula.

Having “smelling” sessions with your baby boosts both your levels of the love hormone, oxytocin. These sessions make your bond and your love for each other stronger! 

Does my husband or partner love my baby?

Sometimes it feels like your husband or partner doesn’t share the same love with you towards your baby. He helps with the diaper changes, the bathing, and the staying-up-until-dawn. But it feels like you and your baby are in a love frenzy, and he’s not trying to be a part of it.

When this happens, don’t get mad at him for not falling in love with your baby the moment they said hello to the world. It doesn’t mean that he resents her or him. It’s normal for paternal bonds to develop slower. 

A lot of fathers, especially new ones, say that it can be overwhelming. Their thoughts can be preoccupied with coping with the responsibility and making sure you and the baby have everything you need.

Others say that the first few months feel like a dream. Looking at you having fun with your baby is a beautiful picture, and he doesn’t want to ruin it by being there.

What you can do is to talk it out. Communication is important in every relationship, even more so when you already have your little ray of sunshine. Ask them how they feel and talk about random fun stuff. Let him guess what that white stain on your shirt is and how it got there!

You can also help them with the transition by making them feel like a father even before the baby arrives.

Involve them in the process. Shopping for baby clothes, going to the doctor, and planning a gender reveal are just a few things that you can do together. And when the baby is around 18 weeks old, you can schedule a 4D or 3D ultrasound to meet the bundle of joy you are preparing for.

4D and High Definition scans allow you to see your unborn child’s features. It’s a fascinating experience that will make you both realize that you are already parents!

How can dads bond with the baby?

There are no tricks for dads to bond with their babies. Aside from breastfeeding, everything mom can do, dad can, too!

The fear of not being gentle enough is understandable. If your partner feels this, ask him to give the baby a belly rub on the crib and sing to you both, a foot massage would work, too! Once he’s more comfortable, let him carry the baby. Skin-to-skin contact is also recommended for dads since it helps the baby adapt to their new environment. 

The bottom line

Bonding is a family activity that starts way before childbirth. As their senses develop they start interacting with you and your partner. Prepare for parenthood and observe how your baby reacts to your caresses, lullabies, and laughter using top-notch 4D and 3D Ultrasound technology. 

We have a wonderful place for you to enjoy intimate bonding moments like this in our comfortable studio in Manly, NSW. Book an experience with Premiere Ultrasound today and create family bonds that will last a lifetime.

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